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The Office of the Commissioner of Official Languages will continue to publish Beyond Words; however, you will no longer be able to subscribe to receive articles by e-mail. With the increasing popularity of social media, we have turned our efforts toward sharing official languages news and information as well as future Beyond Words articles on our Facebook and Twitter pages. We encourage you to join the conversation by following us on Facebook and Twitter.


Top 5 languages spoken in Canada

With our country being one of the most multicultural in the world, many of us speak more than one language. Being bilingual has many benefits, including better decision-making, improved memory and protection against illnesses like dementia. Check out the top five languages spoken in Canada, and if...

Three essential life skills to learn in 2018

The first few months in a new year are all about self-reflection and self-improvement. So why not pick up some great skills and learn new things that will help you in your home, at work and in your everyday life?

Benefits of raising your kids bilingual

As parents, we want to offer our kids every advantage for a happy, healthy and successful life. Many think this means ensuring our children do well in math and science and doing better in school overall. But did you know that learning a second language like English or French also offers many unique...

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